4 tips to keep your perfume longer

4 tips to keep your perfume longer


Perfume has an aristocratic power - it is one of the few things that can unlock and bring back a memory, transport you to a specific place, event, person or time period. Perfume can, as a result, define you. It can be your signature, leaving an unshakable mark for people to remember you.

Often, however, your favorite perfume may not last long enough because it is not applied in the right ways. The scent diminishes as the hours go by and, at the end of the day, it seems to disappear completely. But do not be afraid - Below you will find some useful tips to give your perfume an extra lasting power on you.

1. Moisturize.

The scent adheres better to oily skin, so for those with drier skin, first use a neutral lotion before spraying.

2. Apply to pulse points.

The aroma is activated by body heat. The pulse points located at fruit We are warm due to the closure of blood pumps close to the surface of the skin, thus making them an ideal area for applying perfume. Other hot spots in our body are behind the ears, the lower part of the neck, the inside of the elbow and behind the knees.

3. Never rub.

Some people feel the need to "rub" the perfume on their skin, in an effort to spread the fragrance. Unfortunately, this destroys the structure of the perfume and thus weakens it.

4. Store it properly.

Heat, light and humidity can dissolve all the compounds in one fragrance, making it less aromatic. To keep the fragrance strong and unchanging, store your bottle in cool place, away from direct sunlight and ideally outside the bathroom, as the heat and humidity from the showers can ruin it quite a bit.

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